The Watson Headache approach, which is an internationally recognised technique for examination and treatment of multiple headache types, including migraines, tension headaches and cluster headaches. It’s also useful in treating some of the symptoms of vestibular disorders and post-concussion syndrome. The first step is an assessment of the upper cervical spine, as this area has been shown to directly influence the brainstem, or ‘control’ centre for issues such as migraines.


Clients whose headaches can be reproduced by and during assessment of the upper cervical spine. If we can replicate your pain, then it is likely you can obtain relief from your symptoms. How long will it take? It’s expected that significant reduction in headaches should occur within 4-5 treatment sessions. This can then be backed up by rehabilitative exercises, to prevent poor postures and abnormal muscle control from causing the cervical spine to revert to its ‘headache-causing’ position.


The ‘icing on the cake’ with our treatment approaches, is craniosacral therapy. A light touch technique which can rebalance the autonomic nervous system, enable micro-gliding movements between the small bones of the skull, increase blood flow to the head and improve movement of fascia and other soft tissue. Craniosacral therapy is useful in holistic management of numerous conditions, including headaches, temporomandibular disorder (jaw pain), stress, abdominal pain and more.

Complete Care

In addition to the Watson technique and our experience in specific rehabilitative exercises, we also assess the muscles and joints of the lower cervical spine, mobility of the nervous system and other body areas which may be contributing.

A full medical history, as is standard with all physiotherapy treatments, enables us to refer you for imaging or to other professionals as necessary.

By A Qualified Professional

Suzanne Rath is a Cairns headache treatment specialist. A fully qualified physiotherapist, she has extended her study and knowledge by attendance at regular seminars. This includes the Dean Watson Headache Symposium 2017 and completion of ‘The Role of C0-C3 Segmental Dysfunction in Primary Headache’ through the Watson Headache Institute.

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