Physiotherapists are trained in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of back pain and treatment doesn’t involve you attending forever! Our physiotherapists regularly attend professional development courses to upskill in treating back pain, including the Manual Concepts ‘Spinal Manual Therapy certificate’. Manual Concepts are well-known and respected in the physiotherapy field, due to the volume of research they publish and their role in changing the field of physiotherapy.


In assessment and treatment of back pain, we adopt a problem-solving approach. Once we’ve identified the key areas of dysfunction, we use modalities like joint mobilisations, massage, needling, tape and more to help with pain, while layering specific rehab and strength work on top, to help prevent future flare-ups. At Wellness Embodied, we also offer physiotherapist-led pilates, and other rehabilitative exercises, to help you maintain optimum physical condition. We provide a range of Cairns back pain treatments.


Our team are passionate about creating pain-free bodies, capable of performing at their optimum. We are highly qualified and experienced at helping ease and heal patients’ back pain. This starts with correctly diagnosing the cause of the pain and then preparing and delivering an integrated care and treatment program, which creates pathways of healing and rehabilitation. At Wellness Embodied, we don’t believe in endless appointments with no results, we do believe in helping our patients.

Back Pain & Its Causes

In our assessment of back pain, we adopt a problem-solving approach. A medical history will ascertain if further referral or imaging is needed. We’ll discuss lifestyle factors, such as your work and hobbies, to find out what caused the initial pain. In many cases, pain builds over a long period. Often, painkillers can provide partial relief.

Long periods of rest are widely discouraged in the medical literature and surgery is the last resort (and has been needed by very few of our clients!).

Relief: More than Manipulation

A manipulation is a high velocity mobilisation of a joint, typically causing a crack. But there’s more to management of back pain than manipulations. Our team of Allied Health professionals includes Cairns physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, naturopath and remedial massage therapists. Our team provide patient specific treatment, that includes but is not limited to joint mobilisations and soft tissue release, dry needling, massage and exercises to help build your core strength. These days, all the research is coming out in favour of ‘motor control’, educating the right muscles to do the job for which they’re intended. At Wellness Embodied, we are here to help.


Speak to us about how we can help to manage your back pain and improve your quality of life. Referrals are not necessary. We treat clients of all ages: Private, DVA, WorkCover, CTP and other insurance claims, GP referrals. We offer health rebates on the spot for private clients, via the HiCaps system.

At Wellness Embodied, we also offer Cairns physiotherapy video consultations. These are available for our existing and new clients who are unable to physically attend an appointment in Cairns, whether that’s due to location, self-isolation or any other reason.

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