Developmental delay can manifest in one or several areas, including cognitive (thinking), language, emotional and social skills and motor development. If you have concerns about your child’s fine motor skills (using a pencil, scissors or lego) or gross motor skills (jumping, running, lifting) we can assist, with specialised Cairns developmental delay physiotherapy.


Cairns developmental delay physiotherapy uses the BOT-2 assessment to evaluate your child’s fundamental motor skills, such as balancing, running, strength and agility. Valid for ages 4-21, this test allows for a comprehensive assessment while your child completes playful and fun tasks, such as balancing on one leg, bouncing a ball and cutting out a circle.


We will interpret results and supply a report on your child’s motor skills development, providing age-matched scores, any areas of concern and recommendations for further intervention. This may be used to grade your child’s development, assist with funding applications (e.g NDIS) or to plan a treatment program. To book a Cairns developmental delay physiotherapy assessment, contact us today.


There are some common presenting ‘symptoms’ that we hear from parents, presenting or enquiring about our Cairns delayed development physiotherapy. This include, but are not limited to the below.

  • Child cannot keep up with their friends.
  • Child is clumsy (dropping or bumping into objects.)
  • Slowness or inaccuracy of performance (e.g. when catching a ball).
  • Child seems weak.
  • Child’s movements are stiff.

If you have concerns, or if your child is having trouble with fine and gross motor skills, act early and call us on 07 4231 9777 or book online.


Scientific research indicates that poor motor development has long-term consequences for our children, including poor school performance. We therefore encourage parents to act early if they have noticed that something is amiss with their child, by seeking professional advice.

During consultation we encourage parents or carers to share any concerns about their child’s motor development or behaviour. Our Cairns delayed development physiotherapists are passionate practitioners and, with personalised treatment, will support your child’s development and provide suggestions and advice on how to encourage their development, to thrive in everyday life.

With early identification and comprehensive testing and treatment, we will support you and your child, helping them to reach their potential.


We are pleased to offer Cairns delayed developmental assessment and reporting, in addition to a standard paediatric and NDIS service.

To assess for motor developmental delay we use the BOT-2 assessment, valid for ages 4-21 and measuring balance, coordination, dexterity, running speed and agility, strength and upper extremity function. Referrals are not necessary to book developmental delay assessments or physiotherapy consults.

For any queries regarding our BOT-2 assessment or Cairns delayed development physiotherapy please call us on 07 4231 9777 or book online.

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