Professional Cairns physiotherapy consults, which can be delivered in person at our inner-city clinics or remotely via video consult. Our team have all worked in inpatient and outpatient orthopaedic units and are very experienced treating clients at all stages of injury and rehabilitation. In many cases, physio treatment prevents the need for surgery. So, if your Cairns Orthopaedic Surgery has been cancelled, we can help.


Our team of Allied Health professionals includes Cairns physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist and naturopath, which enables us to provide complex case management for chronic pain and conditions. We’ll tailor specific rehabilitation exercises to help you relieve pain and gain strength, to support your unique presenting circumstances. Some conditions which really benefit from this include Osteoarthritis of any joint, Rotator Cuff tears, Achilles tears and even ACL tears of the knee.


If you’ve experienced delayed or cancelled Orthopaedic surgery in Cairns, we don’t want you to be in pain. Our team provide a holistic approach to treatment and are 100% committed to our clients being able to live their best life. We treat the person, not the body part. We emphasize communication and investigation, using a range of treatments tailored to suit your needs.

Cancelled Orthopaedic Surgery Cairns

As a result of COVID-19 non-urgent elective surgeries, including Orthopaedic, were either delayed or cancelled across the country. Even though this has resumed now, there is still a backlog of patients awaiting that surgery, some of the procedures are outlined as follows: total knee and hip replacements; arthroscopies; Rotator Cuff repairs; Achilles repairs; ACL repairs; Discectomies; Spinal fusions; Laminectomy; Thumb replacements; Shoulder replacements; Carpal tunnel release; some nerve decompressions; Acromioplasty; Arthrodesis; Subacromial decompression; Osteotomy; Meniscectomy; Tendon release; Correction of hammer / claw / mallet toe; Removal of bunion (hallux valgus); Dupuytrens contracture release and more.

Don’t suffer while you wait for a new date, contact us to book a Cairns physiotherapy consult on 4231 9777.

Cairns Physiotherapy Consults, Tailored To You

During one of our Cairns physiotherapy consults, we’ll assess your circumstances and provide treatments, tailored to your needs. This may include specific hands on therapies and techniques such as soft tissue release, medical acupuncture, bracing and more, as well as focussed rehabilitation exercises.

What are rehabilitation exercises? They’re focussed around addressing individual muscle imbalances, to help ease pain and strengthen your core and joints. They lengthen the muscles that need to be lengthened, strengthen and stabilise joints, provide you with the tools needed to manage pain without the need for pain killers.

The more specific exercise you do, the better your long-term outcomes will be. Our team of Cairns physiotherapists and Allied Health professionals will prepare a personalised safe exercise for you to minimise pain and maximise movement.


If you’ve experienced delayed or cancelled Orthopaedic surgery in Cairns, don’t panic; contact Wellness Embodied for a second opinion consultation. We provide face to face appointments at our clinics, as well as remote access video consultations.

Referrals are not necessary to book a Cairns physiotherapy consult at Wellness Embodied, so call us today to arrange one on 4231 9777 or book online.

In the meantime, we’re pleased to provide a downloadable booklet providing tips and information on the 5 things you can do, if your non-urgent elective Orthopaedic surgery has been cancelled or delayed. Become empowered to manage your painful condition, with our professional guidance.

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