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We recently had Alex in for a Total Care Embodied assessment, as she decided she wanted to run her local 10km, but didn’t really know where to start… but we did! From the ground up!

We assessed her:

Feet (TICK)

Calves – left calf was tight, preventing full ankle range (stretches prescribed)

Knees – (R) knee had a mild valgus drift (glute strengthening)

Hips – (R) glute mildly delayed firing pattern, hip lacking terminal extension (glute strengthening, hip flexor stretches)

Back – TICK

Neck – TICK

Alex had rolled her (L) ankle 12 months prior and never really rehabilitated it, so we also prescribed proprioceptive exercises to prevent re-injury. We provided a step by step training progression and treatment plan for her journey all the way through to the finish line!

If you have a goal in mind, we can help make it a reality! Take the first step and book a Total Care Embodied Assessment

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