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What and where is Tibialis Anterior?
It is a muscle located in our shin, right next to the tibia bone. It is an important muscle because it is
responsible for bringing our foot up (dorsiflexion) and help us for our walking.

What is tibialis anterior tendinopathy? And what are the symptoms?
Tibialis anterior tendinopathy is an overuse injury of the tibialis anterior muscle. If we use the
tibialis anterior muscle beyond its capability, the tendon may start to get some micro injuries, and
gradually become a tendinopathy.

Generally, at the beginning phase, patients with tibialis anterior tendinopathy will only experience
mild pain at the front of the shin and ankle after some walking/running or exercising, and it could often
be unnoticed. However, in the later phase, if it was left untreated, and patients continue their normal
training regime, the injury could potentially get worse. They can experience pain as soon as they
start walking, or even just standing, and it might take a longer period of time for the pain to settle.

Weakness of the muscles around the ankle and stiffness may also be associated with tibialis anterior
tendinopathy, and the patient’s gait (walking pattern) could also be affected, which might lead to other

What causes tibialis anterior tendinopathy?
Tibialis anterior tendinopathy is usually caused by repetitive loading. Incidents such as sudden
increase of running mileage, or other training loads could potentially cause it. Sometimes, it could also be
caused by tight shoelaces or strapping, which would induce compressive force to the tibialis anterior
muscle and cause injury.

How can tibialis anterior tendinopathy be treated?
Physiotherapists will utilize different treatment modalities including manual therapy such as soft
tissue release and joint mobilisation, and therapeutic exercises.

Generally, rehabilitation for tibialis anterior tendinopathy would mainly involve gradual
strengthening of your tibialis anterior muscles. As part of it is injured, your physiotherapist will
teach you some exercises that can strengthen the muscle but without irritating the injured part.
After being strengthened gradually, the uninjured part of the muscle would be able to take up the
load so that the injured part would not be irritated at all.

In addition, strengthening of other muscles around the ankle as well as the whole leg would also be
required. Manual therapy would also be used if the ankle joint is stiff and is restricting the
movement of the ankle.

If you are have shin pain you may have tibialis anterior tendinopathy and rehabilitation is essential! Call us on (07) 4231 9777,
and our physiotherapist and exercise physiologist can come up with a treatment plan for you and
give you some therapeutic exercises for your rehabilitation!

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