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Paediatric Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome What is benign joint hypermobility? It is when the joints move beyond the normal range of motion. Benign joint hypermobility tends to be more common in girls than boys and usually is genetic. It affects the connective tissue. Connective tissue is throughout the body, therefore, not only the joints are affected, it can affect digestion, skin, eyes and in more severe connective tissue disorders it can affect the heart.   Benign joint hypermobility syndrome is a condition when there are musculoskeletal symptoms in people with hypermobility. The most common symptom is pain. Kids can present

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April is autism awareness month!  Let’s talk about autism, what is it and how it affects a person. Autism is a condition that affects how a person interacts with others, how the person feels, thinks and experiences their environment and situations. People with autism spectrum disorder can have repetitive behaviours or hyper- or hyposensitivity processing information from vision, auditory, touch, taste, smell, from the vestibular system or proprioception.  They can have difficulties with social interactions, communication or can show restricted interest. It is a developmental condition and the cause of autism is not fully understood, but early intervention, education and

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Awww, little people! Physiotherapy in paediatrics is a huge area, which includes kids with respiratory conditions (more on these to come in a future post- in fact, some of the best responders to chest physiotherapy are little babies in intensive care, whose conditions can change rapidly), neurological conditions (such as cerebral palsy, poor development, etc.) and your general sprains and strains. One of the nicest physio jobs I’ve known of in paediatrics belonged to a friend of mine who worked solely with blind children- because they were lacking the key sense of sight, they failed to develop as quickly as

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