At Wellness Embodied our Cairns yoga therapy is built on the cornerstones of mindful movement, designed to provide the space and time for you to tune into your body for joy, peace and healing. As always, we treat the person not the body part and our Cairns yoga therapy complements this approach.


Mindful movement is at the core of our Cairns yoga therapy. The classes and workshops are perfect for those wanting to tune into their bodies and develop a practice of mindfulness, joy and peace. It’s about being present rather than ‘strong poses’. Strength and flexibility are not core requirements, however, a positive mindset is.


Our Cairns yoga therapy classes are ideal for those wanting to restore balance and release stress. They’re suitable for those previously injured by yoga or recovering from an injury, as well as those wanting to reduce the stress in their lives and the impact it has on their bodies. We can even provide this as a part of our Cairns Corporate Wellness Courses.


During our Cairns yoga therapy, our yogi will help you create your own yoga program, which you can do at home. We believe this is the perfect way for you to gain maximum benefits from yoga and become more in touch with the needs of your body and mind. This plan is developed in consultation with you, ensuring it’s gentle and achievable for home use.


In the first session we’ll look at your individual body needs, as well as how you could benefit emotionally from the practice of yoga. In the second session, our yogi will present you with your personalised yoga program, practice this with you and advise on any props or adjustments which you will need. Having developed her own personal yoga practice after teacher training, she can fully attest to the benefits of a personalised, regular practice, even if it’s for a short period of time.


Suzanne Rath, director and lead physiotherapist at Wellness Embodied, is your yogi for our Cairns yoga therapy. Passionate about bodies being pain free with optimised movement, Suzanne has always incorporated a range of modalities into her approach. She is a 250 hour qualified yoga teacher trainer (Vinyasa Krama and Yin) and believes yoga is a gift, that we owe to ourselves. Her focus in yoga therapy is centered on restorative healing, peace and joy (as opposed to ‘strong poses’).


Suzanne is a trail runner, triathlete, mountain biker, scuba diver and avid participant in life. She teaches a form of yoga which she describes as mindful movement; an investment on your inner-self and balance, as opposed to being a part of a weekly workout routine. Indeed, if you measure yoga ‘competency’ by the ability to get into complex poses and handstands, then Suzanne is a self-professed failure at yoga. To book your 1:1 yoga session, contact our team on (07)4231 9777.

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They have great physios, who get to know you as a person, not just your illness. They also do nice little personal touches, like sending you a birthday message or checking in via text to see you're ok after a treatment.


I presently visit 3 different staff members and I find what they are helping me with, always improves my situation. They really care for me as a person, and I appreciate that! The admin girls are like friends - laughing and talking with me. I feel like I'm coming to visit family when I walk through the door. I love your business' dedication to community also


I was impressed with the all-round service, not just physio, but also nutrition and exercise and breathing


I love the team and the space at Wellness Embodied and can't thank everyone enough for the amazing work they do


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