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Physiotherapy for patients before or after orthopaedic surgery can take place in the hospital, community, gym, pool or private practice settings (usually a combination).

Research continues to show that numerous surgeries traditionally performed in Australia are unnecessary. Knee arthroscopies (key hole surgery) for arthritis have been proven to be ineffective and there is evidence that clients rotator cuff tears have the same outcome whether they undergo surgery or intensive physiotherapy.

Orthopaedic surgery can take place following trauma (pinning, plating, re-setting broken bones) , where we will generally see the patient after for strengthening, stretching, balance and education on how to walk again. With elective orthopaedics (joint replacements, arthroscopies, etc) most physiotherapists will advise a conservative approach – meaning we like to try exercise, joint mobilisations, splinting, taping, joint supports, massage, dry- needling/ acupuncture and referrals to other health professionals before advising the client to go for surgery – often very successfully. 

Our post surgical clients at Wellness Embodied are generally seen for a number of one on one physiotherapy sessions in our central Cairns practice. Here, we will do a specific musculoskeletal assessment on you- treatment techniques include manual therapy (like joint mobilisations, assisted stretches and massage), as well as progression of your rehab exercises. We offer a lot of extras which you may not receive during group hospital rehab, including treatment of surrounding stiff and sore joints (aching backs post hip replacement, sore necks with shoulder surgery, etc.). Once you’re ready, we highly advise progression to our Rehab Room, where we provide physiotherapist led one on one or small group strengthening sessions tailored to you. Our small groups are cost effective and include Clinical Pilates and other exercises as needed by you. For more info, contact us on 07 42319777, email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com or read more here.

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