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🦴 Have you heard about our Cairns Onero bone health class- for those with low bone density, osteopenia & osteoporosis?

🏋️‍♀️ We run it 3 times a week at our NEW Scott Street clinic.

♥️ We have been receiving tremendous feedback from our clients.

✍️ Here is a write up from one of our lovely clients, Louise, and her personal journey.

“When my annual scans showed a scary drop of 5% in my bone density last year, I decided that action was needed! I was already eating pretty well and being good about getting to the gym and staying active, but clearly this wasn’t enough. A friend told me about the Bone Clinic in Brisbane, so I decided to travel down from Cairns for a visit. It was such a great experience! They did new scans to measure my bone density and body composition, administered a variety of tests to assessed my physical strength and posture, plus advised me on nutrition. With a partial reimbursement from my health fund, it did not cost me much at all. I came away armed with new knowledge, optimism and resolve! The only problem was that the ONERO exercise program was not available back in Cairns. An exercise physiologist at the Bone Clinic had given me some exercises that I could do on my own at home, but I knew it wasn’t the same. I talked about it with to my physiotherapist at Wellness Embodied in Cairns and was delighted when just a few months later they started the very first offering of ONERO classes here in Cairns! The instructor, Frank, is just great! Although the class lasts only 30 minutes, I am usually sweating by the end. With Frank’s careful and expert advice, I’m confident I am doing the exercises safely and effectively and I can tell I am getting stronger. I’ve even lost a couple of kilos – an added bonus! I can’t wait for my follow-up visit to the Bone Clinic later this year to get more proof of my progress.”

If you have low bone density, osteopenia or osteoporosis – Book an initial consult to join our Onero program today!

Phone our friendly clinic staff on 0742319777 or visit our online booking page here

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