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We often put all our effort into training. Increasing distance, decreasing time, more intensity, faster splits. But how much effort are you putting into recovery? In fact, some research points to your ability to recover as just as important as your ability to train. If you don’t recover optimally, you are starting behind the 8 ball with your next training session.

When we run / swim / walk / lift / exercise there is a response at the tissue level and at the system level. Micro-trauma to muscle tissue, buildup of waste products, decreased circulation, increased muscle tension, nervous system up-regulation. Often you are sore after a heavy training session. That soreness is a symptom of what’s happening in the body as a response to your training load. Soreness is only one symptom, and an obvious one. However there are many other responses, most of which we are unaware. It is important that we assist the body in dealing with the after effects of training.

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to help you recover faster:… massage. It moves waste products, decreases muscle tension, down regulates your nervous system, and decreases pain. It is a simple addition to your training program that allows you to show up at 100% each and every session.

Start taking the time to ensure optimal recovery, which in turn, will lead to optimal training.

Contact us for available Remedial Massage appointments. Massage can be claimed immediately on Hicaps through your eligible private health insurance providers- our Cairns massage therapists offer hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, relaxation massage, reflexology and more! 

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