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Lifting Technique

Many back injuries occur after incorrect bending or lifting, especially when we try to
lift a heavy object up by ourselves with incorrect technique. If we try to lift something heavy with
our back it would put on a big load onto our lumbar spine, which might cause injuries. Therefore, a good lifting technique is essential to protect us from sustaining a back injury.

Generally, we should try to push the object rather than lift and move. If pushing is not feasible, then we try to lift it (with a correct technique!!!). Secondly, if we decide to lift something, we should first position the object as close to our body as possible, and ideally at around hip height. Also, we should be wearing supportive shoes when lifting, so no thongs!

Before lifting:
First we should look at the size and shape of the object and estimate the weight of it. If we
determine that we can safely lift the object by ourselves, then we check the route and remove any
obstacles along the way that we are taking the object. If we determine that we will not
be able to lift the object safely by ourselves, we should get help from a co-worker.

The lift:
Position your feet at shoulder width, then tighten your stomach and pelvic muscles, bend
your knees and hips but keep the back straight. We need to hug/grip the object firmly, then gradually straighten up knees and hips into a standing position.

Carrying the load:
Keep the object as close to our body as possible whilst carrying it. If we need to change direction,
avoid twisting the trunk, but pivot with foot and leg instead. Make sure we are still able to look
straight ahead and see the planned route clearly while carrying the object.

Unloading the load:
Slowly bend the knees and hips to lower down, but NOT the back.
Unload the object as close to the edge of a table as possible, and then push it forward with our
body weight.

See our Youtube video that our physio Frank has made about lifting technique!

If you’ve done a dodgy lift and need some physiotherapy treatment, or would like some guidance on safe lifting technique, call our clinic on 4231 9777 or email us admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com or visit our online booking page here

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