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Neck pain is one of the most debilitating types of pain we see at our Cairns physiotherapy clinic.
There are multiple factors that contribute to neck pain, including sleeping posture. Poor
neck posture may not just lead to neck pain but also headache, shoulder pain and even jaw
pain! A suitable and supportive pillow is essential for our sleeping quality and keeping our
neck pain-free! Different people have slightly different types and curvatures of cervical
spine, and different necks require different types of pillow. Here at Wellness Embodied
Cairns, we recommend the Denton’s pillow and we stock these at both our clinics on 53
Sheridan Street and 30 Scott Street.


Denton’s is an Australian pillow manufacturer that has been making pillows for over 35
years. They have different types of pillows including high-profile, low-profile and multi-
profile, which suit people with different types of neck and sleeping postures.

Denton’s multi-profile pillow is a moulded foam pillow in a rectangular shape. It provides a 2-
way contour height that can comfortably accommodate and support our neck and chin, and
it is suitable for both side and back sleepers.

Denton’s high-profile pillow is a moulded rectangular foam pillow with a high loft. While
having a high loft, it also offers different neck support heights at the front and back edge. It
helps us to maintain a neutral spinal alignment when we are asleep, and it is particularly
suitable to side sleepers who have relatively larger body frames.

Denton’s low-profile pillow is a moulded rectangular foam pillow with a low loft. Similar to the
high-profile pillow, it has different neck support heights at the front and back edge.
However, the low loft design is more suitable for people with relatively smaller body frame
and have both side and back sleeping posture.

For more information or to  purchase a Denton’s pillow, please contact us on (07) 4231 9777

or pop in to one of our clinic locations to check it out for yourself!

If you are experiencing any neck pain, feel free to make a physiotherapy appointment with
one of our experienced physiotherapists by calling the clinic or visiting our online booking page.

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